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Story of this photo

I met these road-side vendors outside the exit gate of Hawa Mahal. They are selling pulses like corn, green gram, Bengal gram for pigeons. There is a huge population of pigeons in Jaipur, thanks to people who feed them. According to an article from Hindustan Times, approximately pulses worth 0.3 million (3 Lakh) rupees are sold everyday in Jaipur for feeding pigeons alone!  Pigeon feeding is  recommended by astrologers for those who look for good luck. When we were standing there, many people came along, brought the pulses and fed the pigeons. However, there is a flip side for this seemingly kind act. According to the wildlife experts of Jaipur, the pigeons are fed huge amount of pulses everyday, it causes obesity. The pigeons are not able to fly high, which restrict them to confine to a small area, causing so much trouble. Also, the feeding disturbs the delicate ecosystem as it interrupts the food chain. However there are still debates going on about this topic.

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