Where this photo was taken?

Khaba village, near Jaisalmer - Rajasthan

Story behind the photo

This is view of the Khaba village near Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. This village and the adjoining fort is said to be 700 years old. It belonged to the Paliwal Brahmin community. The village was a busy stop in the ancient silk route, and the villagers were eminent business men. However, around 250 years back, the village was abandoned overnight. Folklore says that the entire population of this village, including 81 families vanished overnight. However it is a story very difficult to believe. I heard another possible reason for this abandonment. It goes like this. It is said that a beautiful daughter of the village A cruel and wealthy Zemindar(Land lord) named Salim Singh wanted to marry the beautiful daughter of the Paliwal village head. As the villagers couldn’t protest it, they ran away with the girl. This may be just an urban legend, however it is quite intriguing that how an entire village vanished overnight. The villagers might have fled due to the scarcity of the water also. Whatever the reason be, the Khaba village stands as an aloof place, abandoned even by the local population. They believe that the village is infested by ghosts, and the ghosts make it impossible for any human to settle there. I have heard similar stories about the Kuladhara village nearby. Some might argue that these are just gimmicks to promote the tourism, however I got a very strange feeling when I stood looking at the abandoned houses, temples and some of them even look like people have just left it. 

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