Where this photo was taken?

Nathmal-Ji ki Haveli, Jaisalmer - Rajasthan

Story of the Photo

While I was in Jaisalmer - the North Western region of India- I came across an interesting tradition. We were walking through the narrow lanes with Havelis (traditional rich houses) and Rajasthani houses on either side. In front of every house, near the door there is a colorful poster. It seems that in Jaisalmer, they have a tradition of writing the names of the bride and groom of last marriage took place in that house. I had never heard of such a custom, nevertheless I found it very lovely. Whenever they enter into the house they keep remembering their newly weds. This is a photo of one of the famous Havelis in Jaisalmer. It is named Nathmal-Ji ki haveli. Nathmal-ji was a minister to the king in ancient days. His successors still live in this ancestral house. The colorful painting announces the marriage of Deepika and Kapil who got married on 25th November 2013. God bless the couple! Do you know anywhere else in India, this custom exist?


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