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Jaigarh Fort - Jaipur, India

Story Behind Jaigarh Fort

During the time of  Indian emergency from 1975 to 1977, a lot of dramatic incidents took place in India. Jaigarh fort in Jaipur was also has an interesting "emergency period" story attached to it. There is a huge underground water tank in the Jaigarh Fort. Being a dry land, most of the Rajasthan Forts has such tanks. There is nothing unusual about it. However this tank was believed to have a huge treasure belonging to the Kachwa clan. During the height of emergency in 1976, then Prime Minister Smt.Indira Gandhi ordered to have the tank opened and searched. The treasure hunt was on and troops of military came down from Delhi to fish out the gold and other precious articles from the underground water tank. Now an interesting drama unfolds. Pakistan came to know about the treasure hunt and the Prime Minster of Pakistan Mr. Sulfikar Ali Bhutto wrote to Indira Gandhi in August, 1976 about it. Pakistan wanted a share of the treasure as it belonged to the ancient India which was not shared during the partition. Indira Gandhi did not respond to this strange demand then. The treasure hunt at the Jaigarh fort was in vain, at least as per the recorded history. However, many Amber residents, including our driver believes that under the cover of emergency, a curfew was declared in Amber and 60 truckload of gold was transferred to Delhi. There is no evidence to prove this allegation. It might be just an urban legend! However, there is a hilarious epilogue to this story. Indira Gandhi did respond to Mr. Bhutto’s letter, but after the treasure quest was concluded in vain. Her letter read – “"I had asked our legal experts to give careful consideration to the claim you made on behalf of Pakistan. They are of the clear opinion that the claim has no legal basis. Incidentally, the treasure has turned out to be non-existent."

Reference: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Indira-Gandhi-ordered-a-gold-hunt-in-1976-Pak-sought-share/articleshow/24680280.cms 

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