Where this photo was taken?

 Bhoganadeeshwaraswamy temple, Bangalore

 Story behind this photo 

While there are disputes and violent protest going on to establish the ownership of River Cauvery of South India, there is another quite forgotten river that originates right in the outskirts of Bangalore city.  This stunning temple pond inside the Bhoganadeeshwaraswamy temple is believed to be the origin of River "Dakshina Pinakini" or the South Ponnar river. It is surrounded with porticos on all sides that contains intricate stucco works. Resembling the traditional Vijayanagara stucco work, the sculptures around this temple is quite exquisite. It might come as a surprise for all residents of Bangalore who have never heard the name of this river. At least I had never heard of it. The river basin in Bangalore Urban area is highly exploited by huge number of bore wells.

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