Where this photo was taken?

Bijapur, Karantaka - India

Story behind this photo

This colossal arches are a part of the structure named 'Bara Kaman' from Bijapur. The name 'Bara Kaman' means the twelve arches. It was built in 1672AD while the Adil Shahi dynasty ruled Bijapur. The construction was started by Ali Adil Shah II, the eighth king of Adil Shahi dynasty. Bara Kaman was conceptualized as a massive mausoleum of arches, inside which the tomb of  Ali Adil Shah II would be placed. Due to unknown reasons, the  'Bara Kaman' was left unfinished. There are rumors that the construction of 'Bara Kaman' was stopped as it posed a threat to belittle the massive 'Gol Gumbaz' of Bijapur. Even though the monument was not completed, the tombs of Ali Adil Shah II and his wife rests inside this structure.

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