Where this photo was taken?

Jog Falls, Gerusoppa, North Karnataka  

Story behind this photo:

Sometimes, not getting your hotel room on time can be a blessing in disguise. We wouldn't have got this beautiful capture of Jog falls, if we had got our hotel room on time. We landed in Sagara, a small town in the Northern Karnataka at 7:30 in the morning. We reached our hotel Mayura Gerusoppa near the Jog falls around 9:30am. But to our shock, the hotel manager informed us that we wouldn't get a room till 12:30pm. We did not want to waste time complaining, so we left all the luggage in the hotel lounge and got a taxi to roam around. As we had plenty of time to kill, we got different views of the majestic Jog falls from different angles. It was a great experience. It was like knowing different traits of a person. Out of all that, I liked this click so much!


  1. The misty background vs. bright greenery at the bottom of the right corner creates a lovely contrast. It looks like a cloud got stuck between the rocks. Love this shot!

  2. This is one of the most spectacular views of Jog Falls that I have seen. It was really a blessing for you to be able to capture the falls in such majesty.

  3. What a magical looking place! Stunning!

  4. Magnificent travel photo. Love how you turned a potential negative situation into a positive one. Travel Happy!


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