Where this photo was taken?

Cafe Baker Street, Pondicherry

Story of this Photo

There is no other fictional character whom I admire more than Sherlock Holmes. He an Watson are my favorite buddies from collage times. It was in the huge library in BITS- Goa, that I had my first encounter with Sherlock Holmes. Right from the first read, I was Sherlocked - invariably. Fast forward to 2015,  we were in Pondicherry for a short weekend trip. I saw the board - Baker Street - while we were strolling aimlessly through the streets. Baker street is a Sherlock themed cafe serving French food! I don't quite remember about the food, but I still remember being so excited to be in a Sherlock themed restaurant. Before Sherlock happened to me, I used feel it is silly to get attached to a fictional character. I used to look down upon Harry Potter fans(my apologies). But when I was in Baker Street Cafe, I realized that it can happen and I am Sherlocked forever! I felt a bit annoyed that they have converted my hero into a waiter on a paper cup!

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