Where this Photo was taken?

Story of this Photo

This is how  the royal womenfolk in ancient Rajput palaces observed the daily life and proceedings of Rajput courts. These intricately carved latticed windows were known as "Jaali" in Hindi. The photo in inset shows the external view of one such Jaali. You can observe that the person behind the Jaali is quite invisible.  In olden days, royal ladies used to observe Purdah- a tradition by which they never showed their faces to the outsiders. These latticed windows helped the women folk in the Fort to observe the proceedings in the courtyard, without being seen by the public. The celebrated "Hawa Mahal" of Jaipur was also made for a similar purpose. Hawa mahal is just an enormous facade with lot of small windows named "Jaalis" meant for Royal women. It helped them view the festivities and daily life in the busy street in front of it. 

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