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Sand dunes of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 

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It was always my dream to see desert and snow. On a cold evening of January 2015, I fulfilled the first one. I went to visit the sand dunes of Jaisalmer. The ride started as a bumpy one. I have never been near a camel before. So, when the tour guide asked me to climb on to one, I was nervous. The camel looked quite big and sturdy but calm at the same time. Finally I managed to get on. On the cover of the book Alchemist, there is an image of camels sailing through the vast desert. They looked so serene. But I realized that it is an entirely  different thing being on top of one, riding through the desert and trying to click photos. The camels can walk pretty fast and climb the sand dunes rather vigorously. Keeping balance itself was a difficult thing. However, in fifteen minutes I got accustomed to the ride. I learned how to bend my body to match with the camel's movements, keep my grip tight on the camel with one hand and click photos with the other. When I overcame the first few moments of fear, I started enjoying the rhythm of the wind and stillness of the desert. I cannot explain the feeling of being in a desert for the first time. It looked like a magical world that appeared from the lamp of a genie. I knew it wont last long, so I cherished every moment of it.

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  1. Nice salini.. Even i want to visit Rajasthan for this reason.
    I must say u should visit Nubra,Ladakh. U can experience desert, snow and water at one place :)

  2. Riding a camel in the desert is a wonderful experience.. but it's also very dusty and bumpy like you said. And did you see those crazy dung beetles at night? freaked me out!!


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