Where this Photo was taken?

Bodhi Beach, Pondicherry 

Story of this Photo

It was the last day of our Pondicherry trip. Just to pass a few hours, we went to the Bodhi beach in the outskirts of Pondicherry town. One of the auto drivers suggested this beach to us. It was a quiet beach tucked inside the villages. However, there was an incredible sight waiting for us there. Unlike the crowded beaches of India, this beach had a large population of surfers. I was so delighted, for it was the first time that I am seeing live surfing. They were not all professionals, but they were good enough to entertain a amateur like me. I kind of felt jealous of them. They looked so relaxed, happily oblivious to the passage of time. Out of all of them, a duo attracted me most. It was a middle aged man and small kid. They might be father and son, I assumed so. The father was standing in waist high water , helping his son learn surfing. It was a delightful sight. The kid was initially scared, the man was encouraging him to get on the waves. They both were clearly having a great time. We just sat there watching them for an hour. The kid improved a lot with time and the father was clearly proud. Watching them playing together I felt that the kid is going to remember this day for ever! 

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