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Great to see you at this page. My name is Salini and I am a struggling traveler. You might have heard of struggling actor or a struggling writer. You might be even wondering if there is such a thing as a struggling traveler. Let me tell you my story.

I hail from Kerala and had the fortune to have my picturesque village home right at the foot of the Edakkal Caves. The very site where one of the pre-historic human civilization existed. I have no idea how many times I have climbed up that mountain in my childhood. Every time it was different.

Then I moved to Goa for my education. I had all the opportunities to travel at that time, but I never realized how much I love traveling. Later I moved to Bangalore for my job. I was entering into the world of adulthood and responsibilities. Then I got married. Then the wanderlust kicked in.

I don't know what came over me, I have never been moved in such a way. I go to bed thinking of traveling and woke up thinking about it again. It became a struggle, juggling my work, married life and travel. However, with the help and support of my husband we still managed to visit a few places in past 2 years.

One of the first trip was to Goa - even though I studied there, this trip was special and different.
Another one came through when my husband had to take passport in Chennai. We visited the world famous Mahabalipuram and Dakshina Chitra.

Parachute ride over the Kalangute beach Goa

We had a short weekend trip to Pondicherry, just to chill.

Then came one hell of a trip!! We covered Rajasthan - Jaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. It was during this trip it came over me that I am a traveler soul and no matter what, I would never lose the wanderlust.

As our careers progressed, time was getting too difficult to find, so there was quite a gap after the Rajasthan trip. However we stole some time and made a trip to Kerala back waters (The Muziris Heritage Tour)

In between, we also found some time to trek the tallest mountain in Wayanad, Kerala. The Chembra peak. 

Then Hampi was calling. We did a three day trip to Hampi and it was the last of the series.

Next I took an ever memorable trip with my mother. We visited Badami, Pattadakkal, Aihole and Bijapur on a 5 day travel spree. It was one of the most thrilling trips ever! Me and my mother had a lot of fun exploring the historical sites.

You might now wonder, after all these fabulous trips, why I call myself a struggling traveler. However, I want you to know that immense effort - financial was the least -needs to be put for each of these trips to realize. Starting from aligning the leaves for me and my husband, planning in detail, booking tickets, researching so on and so forth. With a full time job at hand, it is not so easy to travel and it is painful wanting to be a traveler and cannot go on a journey so often.  However, I came so far and have decided to go forward.

Hence I started this blog, to inspire others who don't travel due to family limitations, women who thinks it is too dangerous to travel. I also want my travel memoirs to be shared and read so that it will help others realize their travel dreams.

Yours Lovingly,


  1. loved the peice on houses .All the best in your travels

  2. Nice to meet you (virtually) Salini!

  3. i want to know about mahishasura temple history in kerala. will u please help me with this....!!
    if u do so , please get back to me on this rakesh.katkuri1@gmail.com my gmail id.

  4. Very informative blog, thank you for posting it out there. All the best for your travels, keep exploring!

  5. Yes, you are true Shalini, Hampi is the wonderful destination. I like that place very much...

  6. Very good. I was wondering on internet and was trying to find the village household of south India as to how they look and what their architecture is like; your blog helped a lot. Good pics and good discriptions. God bless you. Keeping doing what you do.


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