Thriprayar temple is dedicated to Sri Rama Swamy and located at 22 km south west of Thrissur city in central Kerala. The name of this temple is derived from a huge Thriprayar river that flows through one side of the temple. The temple is quite picturesque. The temple is believed to be found even before the 6th  century and is associated with a number of legends.

Temples of Kerala -Triprayar temple Thrissur
Scenic beauty of the Triprayar temple Thrissur
By Kevinsooryan (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons
The main yearly festival of this temple attracts a number of tourists. It is known as the "Arattupuzha Pooram". It is typically celebrated in the month of April-May or the Malayalam month Meenam.

Legend behind the Triprayar Temple 

During the ancient days, the fishermen got 4 idols from the ocean and they presented it to a local ruler named "Vaykkal Kaimal". The ruler consulted with the religious men and decided to build four temples for the idols. The Idols where that of Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata and Shathrugna. Rama is a form of Lord Vishu as described in the epic Ramayana.

The main festivities of Triprayar  are the "Ekadashi"  celebrated during the new moon day of "Vrishchika" Malayalam month. (Around November to December), the famous "
Makeeryam Purappadu" and "Arattupuzha Pooram" during the month of April-May. In Hindu relegion, there are 330 million of Gods. It is believed that during the  "Arattupuzha Pooram", all these Gods would be present on the festival arena. It is a tradition of some of the Hindu families, if a family member demises some one from the family needs to attend the Arattupuzha Pooram.

Temples of Kerala -Triprayar temple Thrissur
A closer view of Triprayar temple Thrissur
By Challiyan (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
It is believed that the Arattupuzha Pooram started in an early time as AD 583.  One of the interesting rituals in the Triprayar Temple is feeding the fishes. It is known as "Meenoot".
 It is believed to be for pleasing the lord Vishnu, whose first incarnation was as a fish. It is believed that the act of feeding the fish in the Triprayar River, is symbolic of offering prayers to Lord Vishnu's "Matsya Avatar"

Triprayar Temple is currently maintained by the Cochin Dewaswom board.

Darshan Timings:
The temple opens at 3 a. m in the morning and remains open till 12 p.m. The temple reopens at 4.30 p.m in the evening and remains open till 8.30 p. m.

Temple Website:

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