Ochira Parabrahma Temple is one of the rare temples in Kerala. It does not have a proper temple building or a sanctum. The main deity of the temple, "Para Brahma Murty" is believed to be present under the big banyan tree in the temple. The temple is located in the Kollam district, 32 km from the head quarters of the district at a place close to Kayamkulam. The temple does not have any definite shape and is spread across the are of 350 acres.
Temples of Kerala - Ochira Parambrahma temple
Oachira Temple
 By Fotokannan (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Another rarity of the temple is the presence of a lot of temple Bulls around the temple ground. They are considered to be holy and the devotees pray to them and feed them.  "Prasadam" (The holy offering that is provided to the devotees) of the Ochira temple is also very different. It is the only temple in Kerala which provides mud as Prasadam. 

Temples of Kerala - Ochira Parambrahma temple
One of the sacred bulls in Ochira Parambrahma temple  
By Fotokannan|Kannanshanmugam (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Legend Behind the Ochira Temple

The legend behind the Ochira Temple is described in the famous Malayalam classic "The
Aithihyamala". Aithihyamala is a collection of the Kerala folklore. In Aithihyamala, there is a mention of a mythical character named "Akavoor Chathan"  he was the servant of a Kerala Namboodiri. Chathan oberved that his master was constantly praying to a God named "Para Brahmam" and Chathan got curious what kind of a God it is. His master, who wanted to make fun of the the Chathan's ignorance told him that the Para Brahmam is in the form of a Bull. Chathan took this very seriously and started worshipping the Bull standing in thier stable. Later, Para Brahmam was so pleased in Chathan's innocence and sincerity, indeed came in front of him in the form of a Bull. It is believed that at the place where Bull came in front of Chathan is today's Ochira temple. 

The main festivities of the temple is the "Ochira Vilakku" that is celebrated during the month of November-December.Also another famous festival is the "Ochira Kali" which is in form of a friendly fight.

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