Does the sound, rush and pollution of the city suck the life out of you? Do you feel chocked but at the same time empty deep within?  Let me introduce you to a magical medicine that would restore your energy and fill you with warmth and joy. It is not a costly medicine. It is something which we, the humankind are most accustomed to – A Simple Walk. Recently, I took a walking expedition through the serene country side of Malabar. Let me walk you through my experience. So, get your boots on and let’s take the walk!

beautiful Kerala countryside with lush greenery

The village road is rugged but quite serene. You don’t have your mobile phone and you are not bothered about being connected to the external world. You don’t feel that urge to check Facebook to find out how many people have liked your profile picture and status update. You are just taking the walk and the rustling of dry leave beneath your feet sets a perfect background score.

beautiful Kerala countryside with lush greenery

You have no worries about time and there is no deadline to finish. All that you have is the company of the majestic trees and chirping birds. You are socked in warm sunlight filtered through the leaves. Cool breeze touching your cheeks. You smile for no reason.

beautiful Kerala countryside with lush greenery

You don’t quite know what lies ahead, but you keep moving as if floating in a dream. There is no one around, but you are not bored; for solitude is man’s best friend. You smell a tinge of fresh tea and dry grass; you breathe deep taking in those pleasant scents.

tea estates in Kerala countryside

You never knew the sky had so many shades of blue. The clouds are suspended from the invisible hooks in sky and are floating around like nomads. You wish you were one of them taking a long journey towards the west.

beautiful clear blue sky in Kerala
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You keep walking by a narrow trail relishing the warm fragrance of the Eucalyptus trees.

Eucalyptus trees in Kerala country side

The road might have twist and turns and at times it is rough. You walk front as if mesmerized by a charm of the distant mountains.

Kerala country road with tea plantations

You are not in a hurry. You walk slowly, stopping occasionally to appreciate the beauty of simple things like a serene temple, a solitary fisherman, the sandy village trails and a placid lagoon at the foot of the hill.

A serene temple at the foot of hill - Kerala country side

A fisherman at work - Kerala country side

A Placid lagoon in Kerala country side

You finally reach near the mountains and take a little rest, admiring its majesty.

Beautiful mountains in Kerala countryside
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As you watch the mountains and relish the smells and sounds, the wind starts blowing. The sky turns dark as if it is about to rain. You want to drench in rain and stand there forever. But you need to keep walking, for there might be prettier things waiting for you on the road.

A clouded sky in Kerala countryside

You keep walking, drenched in the evening sun. You find yourself beside a small lake. The lake is so placid and you stand at the bank of the it, thinking of nothing and just looking at the water.

Beautiful lagoon in Kerala countryside

You don’t try to keep track of the time; you are not worried of the things that you have to do back home. You feel extremely relaxed and you realize that the walk has turned into a deep meditation.
Beautiful lagoon in Kerala countryside

It is almost dawn and the sky starts transforming into beautiful colors.

multicolored sky in Kerala country side

You start to walk back the lonely trail and you are exhausted but fully content. You feel so lite that you are afraid that you will float away.

road in Kerala country side

You know that you cannot linger in the country forever, but you know you have had a wonderful afternoon to cherish.It is like a flower sprouts out of weeds; it blooms one day and withers away the next. However, beauty it possesses is eternal.

yellow flowers and violet foreground

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