Note: This is an excerpt from my article on How To Plan A Perfect Vacation ?
1. Enable the automatic reply or “out of office” message in your official e-mail.

2.  Inform a few people (family/ colleagues / Neighbors) where you are going when you are expected to come back.

3. Don’t let your home look like a mess when you come back from vacation. Before departure dispose the garbage, make sure there is no perishable items in the fridge.

4. Prepare a complete set of cloths – washed and ironed - to wear on the day that you come back. By all chances you might be bringing home a bag of laundry. Having a set of clean cloths would greatly ease your post-vacation trauma.

5.  Before setting out for a vacation, completely drain the water filter, if you are using one. On the day of arrival, you can save yourself the work of draining the old water. 

6.  Make sure there are no perishable items in the fridge. Clean all the used utensils and the kitchen before leaving. A clean kitchen is a relief when you come back and start your normal life.

7. If you have a letter box at home, arrange someone to pick up the mail. A bursting mail box is a clear sign that you are away. Same applies to the newspapers.

8.  Shut down electrical and electronics items and don’t leave any valuable items nearby the windows. Keeps things locked in the cupboard or unreachable tables. 

9.Water lawn/garden/plants and make arrangements to water indoor plants if necessary.

10. Close all the blinds and curtains before leaving, also make sure windows are shut. 

11. Pay all the outstanding bills which may become due during your trip, recharge mobile phone for adequate amount and it is best to take a 3G data plan.

12.Note down all the emergency numbers on a diary. Have two copies of the tickets and itinerary and put it in different bags. 

13. If you have a dual SIM phone, take a SIM from another operator. It will help you stay connected, even if one mobile network doesn’t have range in your destination. 

14.Have your partner/friend double check if you have switched off all electrical items, locked the garage door and the main door. There are some poor souls like me who starts worrying the moment I start my journey.

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