Note: This is an excerpt from my article on How To Plan A Perfect Vacation ?

1. Being fit is the first criteria for enjoyment. Make sure you are getting necessary rest during the vacation and don’t stress out yourself while trying to cover all the places. A well planned itinerary  can help you here.

2.  There may be uncertainties like a delayed flight/train or unexpected bad weather – understand that those are beyond our limits of controls so don’t get pissed off; just go with the holiday mood.

3. The food may not be always great, but make sure even if the food doesn’t suit your palate, it doesn’t hurt your stomach. At the same time, don’t be prejudiced against the local cuisine.

4.  Be ready for adventure and be flexible while traveling. It is OK to stand an extra 15 minutes in the queue to catch up that ferry ride; after all you have no deadline to finish.

5.  Be liberal about money when it comes to experiences. Don’t miss that speed boat riding that you were dreaming about just because it is bit too costly. My personal opinion is not to spend too much money on things, things can be bought later and couriered but experience cannot be.

6. Try to wear clothes that don’t stand out in the crowd. During travel, always be alert and use your common sense to assess the situation.

7. Take a qualified guide while visiting historical or archeological sites. While guides do exaggerate, they also add value to your experience. I remember once a guide told us in the great stone monuments of Mahabalipuram – “Without me, it is just stones for you. With me you will know the story of these stones.”

8. Don’t start bargaining for stuff which you have no plan for buying. If you at least slightly intend to buy then start the bargaining. Don’t waste time and energy to just check how good you are at bargaining.

9. Don’t expect everything would be in your way while you travel. It is new place and possibly new climate and culture, keep calm and behave courteously with everyone.

10.While it is nice to throw some words in the local language, make sure that you are not pronouncing it wrong in a degree to offend someone. If someone corrects you, accept and thank them courteously.

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