Where this photo was taken?

Jain Temple, Jailsalmer Fort

Story of this photo

Yesterday, I shared with you the Belgian glass chandeliers of the Nizam of Hyderabad. Just after that I remembered about a very different kind of chandelier that I came across during my trip to Jaisalmer. However, this is much older, dating back to the 15th century. It is made of stone. This intricately carved chandelier hangs from the roof of one of the Jain temples inside the Jaisalmer fort. There are seven Jain temples within the fort. These temples attracts devotees as well as art lovers for their fine sand stone carvings. I have seen numerous sculptures, but this stone chandelier was by far the most magnificent piece of carving I have ever seen in any  Indian temple. I felt even doubtful that if it is stone, for how can somebody carve these lace-like intricate patterns on stone? Each square inch of this  piece is carefully done and when it comes together, it creates nothing less than pure architectural marvel!


  1. Wow! Traveling this part of the world is high on our list for so many reasons! Including the intricate and beautiful architectural elements.


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