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This photo is so close to my heart. It was captured from the top of Charminar in Hyderabad. It is a quite busy market known as Laad Bazaar( Choodi Bazaar). This bustling market has numerous stores selling Perl Bangles. The arch front of it is one of the "Char Kamans"- one of the four archways - that lead to Charminar. There is no clear distinction between where the market ends and road starts. The vendors, pedestrians and auto mobiles coexist in a chaotic harmony. It is an acquired skill to wade through such Indian markets. Those who are not used to it can get really uncomfortable in such a crowd. Strangely, I love this chaos. From the ancient days, India is a chaotic mixture of people with different cultures, tastes and beliefs. You can find people coming down in Audi or Benz or even a Jaguar, and also people who pull a cycle Riksha for their livelihood. Standing there, I was thinking of all these. I was thinking of India and it's people. Like never before, I felt so close to the heart of my country. India may not be perfect, our systems has a lot of flaws. But, irrespective of all that, it is my people and it is where I belong.  


  1. I love this photo and the title you gave it. I think it sums it up perfectly! Would love to wander around those areas.

  2. I would love to visit a market in India and try all the different fruits and street foods, look at the crowds in their colorful garments and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. Your picture really takes me there. Beautiful!


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