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This huge rock boulder stands precariously on a smooth slop in Mahabalipuram. Only 4 square feet of its bottom surface touches the slop. This almost spherical boulder is 5 meter in diameter and almost 6 meter high.  In the 7th century AD, Mahabalipuram was the cradle of Pallava art and architecture. It is popularly known as "Krishna's butter ball". However, there is no historic reference to this name. Historically this boulder was known as "Vai Irai Kal" - A Tamil word meaning "the rock of the sky Gods". It is still not clearly explained how this massive rock ended up in such a strange surrounding. Some are of the opinion that this boulder was shaped by constant wind rubbing small sand particles on the rock. However others are of the opinion that the rock has been placed on the rock.However, questions like - "who placed it there and for what reason?" and "How such a massive rock can be rolled into such a position without modern equipments?"  still remain unanswered. Legends says that the Pallava King Narasimhavarman who ruled circa 7th century AD had given strict instruction to sculptors so as not to touch the rock. He considered it as divine. In 1908, the Madras governor Arthur Lawley ordered to move this rock from it's dangerous position. However, even after 7 elephants attempted, the rock couldn't be moved. This is a very famous spot in Mahabalipuram. People take siesta under its shade, completely trusting the laws of physics that kept this rock in position for past 1300 years.

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