Where this photo was taken?

 Clock Tower, Sardar Market - Jodhpur , India

Story behind the photo:

I met him during my visit to Jodhpur in 2015. He is the keeper of Jodhpur's ancient clock tower. The clock tower stands right in the middle of the Sardar Market in Jodhpur. As I talked to him first, he seemed to be a very dry person. However as the conversation progressed, he grew into a very interesting man. Sadly, when I chose this photo I realized that  I don't remember his name. However I do remember that he was very enthusiastic to explain us the mechanism of this clock, which is running for more than 100 years now.  He believes that it is a very responsible job to keep the clock ticking every single day. However mundane the job looked, he seemed perfectly happy doing the same thing for past few decades, and even proud being the time keeper. I remember him saying that his son is not interested in following his foot steps, which makes the old man kind of sad. He told he was very happy to see us, and there are many tourist who come there to chat with him. His Hindi was tough to understand but his affection to the clock was so profound.  He did not smile in front of the camera, but he was absolutely happy to share his story with us.

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